Saturday, 30 August 2014

Republican Roman Legionaries

The start of my Republican Roman army in 20mm by Newline Designs (Hastati & Principes advancing). I went for a mix of armour types but kept the same weapon types on each base. Initially I planned to mix the pilum wielding poses but then opted to keep the overarm poses and under arm poses separate, I felt it looked odd to mix them for some reason. I went for mainly white tunics and a mix of colour shields and I am pleased with the outcome.

These have been done for a few weeks now but only just managed to get the pictures taken. This was mainly because I was trying to catch a nice day as I wanted to try photographing the miniature outside. It was partly cloudy but I preferred the pictures I got whilst the sun was out so next time I'll hold out for a sunny day or at least a brighter cloudy day.

Next up continuing with the same army I am preparing some Velites. Using the same sized bases (60mm x 40mm) but using 4 figures per base in open order to represent light infantry mainly for Lost Battles.


Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Iberian Scutarii

Finally finished some more miniatures. This time 20mm Newline Iberians, they have been finished for sometime but my computer has been out of action. The Iberians provided mercenaries for the Carthaginian but it was during the Second war with Rome that they became a major part of the Carthaginian army that invaded the Italian peninsular with Hannibal.

For practical reasons I have decided to now base my miniatures on a larger base. I think this looks better and makes it much easier to move them around. I also decided to spend a lot more time on the shields as with most ancient figures the shield covers most of the body. They had to look better than my previous shields in which I painted a flat colour and at most gave them a brown wash. As with my cavalry units I tried to introduce variety in colour of tunics, helmets and the shields of course.

I have quite a lot more Iberians to do however I may have a slight change and start with the Republican Roman Legionaries once I work out what scheme to do them, So far I am going with 8 figures on a 60mm x 40mm base, 2 bases for a "unit" thus one base will have 2 or 3 command figures (centurion, signifier and possibly a musician) and the rest legionaries. I need to decide whether to mix figures in pectoral armour and mail as well as mixing sword and pila poses? Then of course there is the issue of colour scheme. so far I'm looking at mostly white/off white tunics with a few reds, but with the shields I'm not sure whether to have one colour for the unit or have a mix again?

These are all aesthetic decisions as they will be for either Lost Battles or Impetus so command figures, weapon/armour types do not really influence the rules in the same way as WAB would for example. It seems like Romans just like to take over and dominate everything so here are the pictures of the Scutarii the post was supposed to be showing!


Sunday, 23 June 2013

Iberian Light Cavalry

The latest edition to Hannibal's army some Newline Spanish Light Cavalry. I'm currently working on some Scutarii but I'm starting to realise how impractical single based figures are, it takes a while to get them set up, so I am considering re-basing on the lines of impetus style basing for ease.

Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Iberian Heavy Cavalry

More mounted warriors here to fight Carthage's wars. These Newline figures come with one human and two horse poses and came with caetra shields. I tried to diversify the troopers by carefully twisting their heads with a pair of pliers. The two command figures introduce some alternative figures into the unit and in retrospect I think I should of gave a few of them a scutum shield as shown in Head's Armies of the Macedonian and Punic Wars. Maybe I could risk ordering some more to do that but their are some who would argue, convincingly, that I have far too many of these little men as it is... or I could just use the Hat Spanish cavalry that is waiting to be painted.  

Sunday, 14 April 2013

Carthaginian Cavalry

These miniatures from Newline Designs features two variations of the same pose, one bearded and the other shaven. There is only one pose for the horse although the command figure sits on another style of horse that came with that code. I attempted to introduce some variety by bending the spear arms but overdone it as some of the arms look odd now. Also there was a bit of a disaster with the varnish going cloudy even though I gave it a good shake and stir. It was some wilko's matt varnish and it worked fine with the Celtic foot. I've since returned back to Vallejo matt varnish. Apart from that they painted fine and quite quickly thanks to the simple colour scheme.   

Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Gallic Mounted Nobles

Continuing with a Celtic theme here are some more Newline Design 20mm miniatures. I have painted these for a Carthaginian army but both these and the warband will form a nice start to a Gallic army also.

Monday, 25 February 2013

Gallic Warriors

It has been a very long time since my last post but I have been painting from time to time. I have finished a few units for my Carthaginian army however I have not been enjoying the photography side of things. I can not get the hang of taking close up shots of miniatures in a large group. Also the terrain I used for backgrounds is no more, the grass mat got crushed so I binned it. I need to make some durable and easy to store terrain since I don't have much space to stow stuff. Until then I have used a table cloth to act as a background to the miniatures and have for you a Warband of Gauls. My previous units have been (too) uniform but there is no way I could get away having uniformed Gauls it would just eat at me. Painting them in a variety of colours also made it more interesting to paint and will probably not have as many uniformed units in the future save Macedonians and Late Republican Roman heavy infantry.