Sunday, 30 August 2015

Austrians Rebased

This is more of an update of an older post. After looking into various rulesets from various eras I have come to prefer one base equals one unit sets. After a bit of experimentation I found that a 60mm square base suits my tastes. Also had a quick going over and highlighted them as with my older paint jobs I left them after a Delvan Mud wash, which I think was too dark looking at a distance.

I also updated the flag. I ordered some flags from ebay seller 'Flagsandpatches172', they are printed on sticky paper and just need cut out and stuck on. I found that the Newline Austrian colour bearer's staff was a bit short originally I used a cavalry flag but decided to change to a larger flag. I snipped the old flag off chopped the pole and put a section off a metal spear to artificially increase the length.

The basing was winged. It was initially just the green scatter grass but felt that was a bit bland. Then I squished some grey stones to try and break the grass up, still not happy with that I added some light straw coloured grass. I'm still not sure about the basing but just left it at that.



Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Citizens of Rome

Yet some more Romans, five more bases of Rome's citizen soldiers complete. I attempted to twist some of their heads to give some variation as all of the Legionaries in chainmail are the same pose. One head twisted right off so I decided to do a head swap with a Legionary with pectoral armour since he had a Italo-Corinthian helmet. Still there are quite a few Romans in the pile but I am going to have a break from Legionaries.