Saturday, 30 August 2014

Republican Roman Legionaries

The start of my Republican Roman army in 20mm by Newline Designs (Hastati & Principes advancing). I went for a mix of armour types but kept the same weapon types on each base. Initially I planned to mix the pilum wielding poses but then opted to keep the overarm poses and under arm poses separate, I felt it looked odd to mix them for some reason. I went for mainly white tunics and a mix of colour shields and I am pleased with the outcome.

These have been done for a few weeks now but only just managed to get the pictures taken. This was mainly because I was trying to catch a nice day as I wanted to try photographing the miniature outside. It was partly cloudy but I preferred the pictures I got whilst the sun was out so next time I'll hold out for a sunny day or at least a brighter cloudy day.

Next up continuing with the same army I am preparing some Velites. Using the same sized bases (60mm x 40mm) but using 4 figures per base in open order to represent light infantry mainly for Lost Battles.



  1. Very nice. Double ranking your lines really gives the impression of a decent block of troops, rather than the usual single line across.

    Great stuff!

  2. Thanks, I like the look of the deeper ranks, however when I get around to gaming (Lost Battles, Impetus) each base will probably equal a unit otherwise I don't think I'll get an army fielded.

    Although with gridded games like Lost Battles they could be set up anyway the important thing would be making it clear which unit would be in the 'lead'.

    Thanks again.

  3. Great looking unit Tone!