Sunday, 18 October 2015


These Newline Designs Republican Roman Equites represent those Roman citizens who were considered rich enough to be expected to bring a horse to war. This is my first cavalry unit for my Republican Roman Army that I have been trying to focus on.

This is a nice set with some good variation, featuring 3 horse poses and 3 rider poses. The command figures also add some more poses into the mix. The riders sporting the Boeotian helmets had a spears cast on so I removed them and drilled the hands so all riders had the same plastic bristle spears throughout. I repositioned the arm of the hornist and varied the angles of the riders spears.

I tried a new method for painting the bronze helmets. Following the black base coat a coat of chainmail was applied which went on nicely. The following coats of bronze and gold paint then applied smoother than my previous works. In an attempt to add some depth I applied a brown wash but I think it may have made it too dark and dull, though maybe that's ok after riding and fighting in the dust and dirt.

I again had a go at painting free hand the design on the standard I was quite pleased with the flag, it looks fine to the naked eye. I'm not a great fan of painting horses and cavalry units but I'm pretty happy with the end result.

I think I only have this Newline Roman cavalry unit, I have some Hat Roman cavalry buried somewhere and the same for Italian allies, one Newline, one Hat which will one day ride with the Legions. I am now working on Iberian Caetrati to support the Scutarii for or against Rome.

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