Saturday, 12 March 2016

Red Army Field Tests

After the multitude of colours used painting my Iberians I needed a break from the Punic War. It was starting to feel a bit of a chore so I decided to have a change of scale and pallet and project. I made a start on these 1/300 Soviet vehicles and the following images are a few tests to work out colours and technique. After trying a multitude of greens I essentially boiled down the technique to: base colours, black wash, highlight base colours then khaki dry brush. I based them to protect the barrels but just kept the basing plain and simple for ease and speed.

These testers are from Heroics and Ros. They are nice miniatures especially the ones with explosive reactive armour. However I don't think the proportions are quite right, see for more information.

These are Scotia Grendel I found these are generally better proportioned and had a bit more detailed. However the link above shows that comparisons between these manufacturers need to be taken on a case by case basis.

Overall these were a nice distraction from the Punic War project and the next few posts show what I was working on over the winter months. There isn't too much more to say with these and the following posts so I will probably pop a few scans on and not much text.

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