Thursday, 22 June 2017

It's Down to the Triarii part 2

Following from part 1 here are the 20mm Newline Designs Republican Roman Triarii standing. As I discovered with the Samnite heavy infantry standing they are very practical when it comes to basing and more practical as gaming pieces as there is no parts extending over the bases. Also in the case of the Triarii it represents their role better as the last line of defence and reserve line of veteran citizens of the Roman legion of the Mid-Republic.

However, I am mainly into the painting and modelling side of things and I usually prefer "advancing" or "attacking" poses, the wargaming side of it is to just give the collection a "function". I will hopefully soon set up a Punic wars battle and try a few sets of rules out and get some photos of the Romans and Carthaginians in action. Also a way to see how things play solo.