Wednesday, 31 October 2018

Punic Levies

The Punic levy for the Carthaginians at Zama using a couple of poses from Newline Designs 20mm African spearmen in tunics. I gave them thureos/scuta shields instead of the Argive type shields that came with them. I could have created a more rag-tag looking levy by fully utilising the variety of helmet types with this code, mixing shield types and even a spattering of armoured spearmen standing. A future project hopefully, I have the figures but not sure about the storage space.

I undercoated these with white guesso and the usual method of base colours, wash, highlight. After a bit of experimentation I went with flat white on the shields with no shading. I tend to prefer advancing poses, but as I have found previously with the Triarii and Samnites standing, the pose ranks up nicely with no hassle. I only have a few units left for Lost Battles Zama scenario, I created a to-do list on PARADE GROUND WORKSHOP to help keep track of where I am at with my projects. With hobby time reduced recently I found it helpful.

I have started to paint a few example of some resculpted Etruscans from Newline and a few more bases of Numidian light foot to provide Rome some levy light infantry for Zama. I have posted Numidian foot before but I may again to show some progress on this slow blog!

1/72 ancients

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