Sunday, 21 January 2018

Austrian Landwehr

Over the Christmas and New Year I was slowly but surely working on these 20mm Austrian Landwehr from Newline Designs. It took a lot longer than I hoped but that is always the case with painting in general. It was a bright day so I took advantage of it and got the snaps. I again used my phone which is quicker and more convenient but I don't think the pics are as good as what the Nikon can take.

The colour scheme is from a plate in an Osprey on Austrian Infantry of the Napoleonic wars which identifies these as Styrian Landwehr in emergency uniforms. All based on 40mm square bases and the flag is from an ebay store 'Flags and Patches'. I am not sure if it is the correct flag but I am happy with the result.

I have also been working on some 6mm British for the American Revolutionary War and flitting between the two its dragged each one out. So probably those next but I am probably going to work on some more Austrian and Hungarian Line Infantry. Of course that's not set in stone!

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