Tuesday, 30 January 2018

British Regulars AWI

After a long while I have had another look at 6mm scale. However instead of returning to Cold War era Red Army I began yet another new project. The idea here being if I started a new era I should do it in 6mm so it is easier to store and hopefully quicker to paint up. Really, I just liked the look of Baccus' AWI range and with rumblings from Hat about producing an AWI range in my preferred 1/72 scale (I won't be able to resist!) makes the argument about space moot. I am a serial collector there's no point denying it. 

I have started with some British line in round hat and campaign uniforms. Once I figured out the best way to paint them I found them quick enough to paint but still a challenge to paint the detail. There is plenty of detail to pick out too, they are lovely miniatures, impressive despite their size. It will look great to have a table full of these! 

I still need to get some flags, Baccus seem to sell some but I need to do a bit of research into this. They are based on 20mm square bases with flexibility in mind, I don't have a set of rules chosen either but I have come across some interesting free sets. When I return to this project I will have to do a few Continentals.

In the mean time I have a few Napoleonic Austrian units on the table waiting to be prepped as well as some Numidian cavalry and Spanish Scutarii which I had planned to do month ago for some Punic Wars Lost Battles scenarios. You've just got to paint what you fancy sometimes!  

American Revolution War of Independence

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