Thursday, 1 March 2018

Cloaked Iberians, for Carthage or Rome?

After being so sanguine about getting a few units of Austrian and Hungarian Napoleonic infantry I opted to return to ancients. I had a good session spray painting both the Napoleonics (white) and these Iberians (flesh). As ever they are Newline Designs 20mm from their ancient Spanish line (ANS01 Scutarii). All of the miniatures featured are the same pose, I stockpiled quite a lot of the ancient Spanish infantry and have used one pose for each unit... I am not quite sure why I did this,  there would be a great amount of variety if I had just kept them mixed, but I did.  

I gave a couple of them some accessories from Hat's 1/72 Carthaginian Command set to give the unit a standard and a leader with a sword. I think I had put off painting these because of the shield designs are fiddly and time consuming and I have already painted 8 bases of Iberians. However for the Punic wars you need quite a few of them especially for battles in Iberia such as Ilipa which had Iberian tribesmen fight for both Carthage and Rome. It is for that battle I painted up this batch for and I hope that sooner rather I will get to re-fight the scenario with Lost Battles. With ancients back at the forefront I think I will crack on with a few Numidian horsemen.

Newline Designs 20mm Ancients

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