Friday, 30 March 2018

Roman Generals

Up to now I had been using a base of Triarii with some command figures on as Roman generals in my Lost Battles reports. I have for a while wanted to paint up some individual generals on horseback to remind me that they can traverse the battlefield to the sectors most needing leadership.

The models are from Newline Designs 20mm Ancient Roman range. The first general is from the "Mounted High Command" and the second from "Mounted Roman Command" set. It was enjoyable painting a couple of miniatures instead of a whole load at once its good to break things up a bit.

I would like to expand my collection of general's further. I have in mind another mounted Punic officer to command along side Hannibal who has been my only finished general figure untill now. For Lost Battles, I believe at most there are up to two generals per side. For Zama one of the generals is a Numidian, so there is a Numidian commander in the works too. Once I get the Punic general finished I think I will have the "right" proportion of troops for Trebia. I am also wanting to get a large amount of light troops done for the Seleucids at Magnesia, (they have three levy light infantry for that battle) which I am hoping won't be to bad to mass produce being unarmoured. Lots to do so I better get cracking!

1/72 20mm Ancients

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