Tuesday, 24 April 2018

Hellenistic Punic Commanders

A few more leaders and commanders done below. Above is the re highlighted Hannibal Barca which was one of the first Newline Designs 20mm figures I painted and posted to this blog. I am re-posting it now as the following figures are a head swap conversion featuring the Hannibal personality miniature and the leader from the Macedonian command set as featured in Seleucid phalanx posts. 

I have been able to get away with using pliers cushioned with a sponge or towel in the past and twisting gently back and forth until the head came off. However this time I failed to cushion enough and the head got a little squished (being lazy as usual as I have a saw). I was able to use a bit of liquid green stuff to repair and a bit of creative painting and it will do me! Again, if I were not so lazy I would drill holes and pin the head as well as glue them. However using loctite gel super glue, I have so far gotten away with that also. Below features the results of the one to one head swap. I have not given the Hannibal on foot a shield, but maybe I should? Still not sure on that but it is something I can add in the future if I really feel the need!

I am almost finished the next leader also which again will be a quick update, then the real work will begin again on rank and file types.  

1/72  ancients

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