Monday, 30 April 2018

The Cloaked Numidian

Five more bases of Newline Designs 20mm Numidian Cavalry finished and hopefully that will be enough for my planned battles. Instead of showing more pictures of the finished bases I have added instead a couple of pictures of the conversions. 

The cloaked Numidian was created by head swapping a Numidian command figure with a head from a spare set of Carthaginian elephant crew. The elephant was painted as a gift and I had the crew sat in a box with no idea what they would be used for years now. Then with the plan to re-fight Zama I needed a few more Numidians so I scraped together the miniatures. I was a couple short of 5 bases worth, but with this conversion, and the other elephant crew member throwing a javelin, becoming a horseman (see below), I managed to knock up the 5 bases needed.

Now I have a Numidian king without a horse and another without even a body as well as a damaged mahout. You never know if or when these bits will become handy, much like the elephant crew, of which I had no intention of using. Painting of the archers and slingers is now well on their way and I am hoping they won't take too long to complete fingers crossed!

1/72 ancients

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