Monday, 1 November 2010

Seleucid Phalangites

These figures were relatively easy to paint. I have some Newline Carthaginian Pikemen that I am going to use as Hellenistic Pikemen as well as Macedonian Pikemen. By Newline Designs. This is the last of my photos for now. I am currently working on some Napleonic Austrian and I will take more photos as soon as possible.

Tarantine Cavalry

Skirmish cavalry in the Tarantine fasion. Figures by Newline Designs.

Alexander's Light Infantry

One of the poses from Hat's Alexander's Light troops. I liked how the GW mud wash worked on these figures. Click for full size.

Hellenistic Thureophoroi

Very versitile figures for Hellenistic armies. I also have a unit with hoplon shields in the works.