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Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Iberian Caetrati

This blog has been very quiet but the work on the painting front has steadily advanced since the previous post. I'm blaming the weather, natural light has been a stranger in the North halting photography. Finally catching a good day I have some Newline Designs 20mm Ancient Spanish. These represent ancient Iberian light troops, open order skirmishers with javelins and bucklers.

These miniatures are from their Scutarii code just with a shield swap. The last 3 pictures features one miniature from Newline Caetrati code since I ran out of spare Scutarii (the rest are set aside for heavy foot). Knowing that I would be spending time on the shield patterns I elected to keep the main figure as simple as possible. Most tunics have had a base of Deneb Stone, Delvan mud wash and touched up with the base colour.

More miniatures are waiting to be photographed so hopefully there will be more posts soon.