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Thursday, 25 April 2019

Clad in Gold and Silver

A return to updating 'old' units. This time Newline Designs 20mm Seleucid Cataphracts. With the focus on Hellenistics, in particular the forces for Magnesia, it seemed like a good time to sort out the old and part done units. The Cataphracts were finished but they were dark and dull, they really needed brightend up and some colour before rebasing. 

I dry/over brushed the horses armour and highlighted the bronze armour of the riders with Vallejo paint. I then just had a general tidying, highlight of the figures. I re-painted the spears and added a bit of variety of what could be seen of the horses as well as painting the trims of the horse armour red. After rebasing to my current format I finally felt that these were now finished and I am satisfied with them.

In Lost Battles game terms they can represent 2 units of Average Cataphracts or 1 unit of Levies (or even 4 veteran units). I need then 4 x more bases for Magnesia in which Antiochus has 1 levy and 2 average cataphracts. These are the only Seleucid Cataphracts I have so I will have to use Parthians or Seleucid Companions as proxies, probably will go for the latter! I am now working on some Thureophoroi.

Still no refight of Zama on the horizon! However the gaming aspects of the hobby is never far from thought. I quite often work on some home brew ideas but I still fancy giving To the Strongest! a go too.

1/72 Ancients

Sunday, 14 April 2019

Macedonian Elephants

The last of the recent batch of elephants from Newline Designs 20mm Ancient Macedon range. Much like the Seleucid elephant, it came as a head, a body in half and a tower. I added some spare shields to the towers which have Veni Vidi Vici 15mm transfers applied. With the elephants done I have now moved onto a unit of Seleucid cataphracts. An old unit that is being 'updated' I am hoping to maintain the impetus on painting units for the Seleucids and Rome's Attalid allies. I may therefore have a big push on cleaning up a few Hellenistic figures and an update of some Thureophoroi. Of course by doing this I am putting a lot of primed light infantry on ice but you've got to paint what you fancy.

One thing that has energised me recently is joining the Newline Designs 20mm Painters Group on facebook. Its been great to see others as enthusiastic (obsessive!) about painting Newline figures as I am. If you are on facebook and a fan of Newline send a request its a great place to see and share pictures and find out info on the ranges from collectors.  

1/72 Ancients

Sunday, 7 April 2019

Antiochus' Double Edged Sword

Seleucid armored elephants in 20mm from Newline Designs. Antiochus III at the battle of Magnesia deployed his elephants between sections of deep phalanxes. This would have been an intimidating sight but the Roman army was at its sharpest after years of fighting in the Hannibalic war. The elephants at Magnesia caused great disruption to Antiochus' pikemen. These themes will hopefully be explored during the Lost Battles refight, one day! 

I am pleased with their turnout and I like the touch of the trouser sporting 'Easterner' look of the crewmen. I have finished the other 2 Indian elephants and they are just waiting for their photo shoot. They will be the feature of the next post.
With the completion of the elephants I am emboldened to continue with ancients. I need to update and rebase some cataphracts and thureophoroi. The Romans for Magnesia are finished but I need to furnish them with their Attalid allies. Quite a few Seleucid units needed still but they are will on their way. As well the the elephants  will be useful for Raphia too along with the variety of Hellenistic units in the works.

1/72 Ancients