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Sunday, 11 November 2018

Etruscan Class IV Infantry

I ordered a few unit packs of 20mm Etruscans class IV from Newline Designs. However my plan is to use them as Roman Leves as depicted in Duncan Head's Armies of the Macedonian and Punic Wars, they seem to fit the bill. At the time of ordering Sean asked if I wouldn't mind waiting a while for them as he wanted to resculpt them, so I have painted a couple of examples as Etruscans to show off the new castings and I hope I have done them justice. Being completely unarmoured they are a very useful and flexible line, not only Leves, but also usable as peltasts, thureophoroi or rebellious slaves for example, just need to swap over the shields. Despite the fact I do not have enough space for a full Etruscan force it is great that the option is there to depict them in 20mm.

I have recently finished my last few bases of Numidian foot and will post them up next. I am now working on some Velites, however I have some Gallic shields for them as I plan to make up a unit of Roman penal legionaries which will also be proxy Ligurians for Lost Battles Zama.

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