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Monday, 28 March 2022

Iberian Horse Rebased

Back onto the rebase here, actually these were part of the big push of my Punic war era Newline Designs 20mm cavarly I did late last year. This update shows the Iberian cavalry both heavy and light. I usually take these rebases as a chance to check over and update the paint job but I left these as is. A simple removal and remounting of the figures. I have a spare light cavalry man and another standard bearer so with the addition of one other I can boost the light unit into 4 bases not that I'll need to do that but it'll be good to use those 2 spare painted figures. Work continues on the late Roman painted examples for the Newline store and classic Heroquest miniatures.

Iberian Heavy Cavalry 

Iberian Light Cavalry

Monday, 14 March 2022

Late Roman Auxillia

A couple more codes painted up from Newline Designs 1/72 Late Roman range. This time the two Auxillia codes. I was quite pleased with the "white" tunics, I used Vallejo Beige, Citadel sepia wash followed by highlight of Beige, then I introduced Vallejo Ivory into the mix which I blended on the wet palette untill I had the desired shade. I didn't use straight Ivory like I planned but I liked the finish. I tend to apply a basecoat, wash and highlight in the original colour but since moving to a wet palette I have found mixing shades satifying and end up with a more pleasing and subtle highlight, aided by the fact that its an extra level of highlight. Just to note the swordsman came with a spear but the angle of the forearm was crying for a sword which a made out of plastic card.

Auxillia Advancing

Auxillia Standing

Altogether the two codes work well with each other: