Sunday, 5 January 2020

Hellenistic Infantry

I have been looking forward to the release of these brand new 20mm Newline Designs Hellenistic Infantry figures for some time! I was pleased that they ended up with 2 codes each with 3 poses, each code having a different helmet type. They are very versatile figures that can mix well with other codes for further variety and if you include head swap potential lots more variety can be achieved. An easy conversion option is always a simple shield swap. Macedonian shields to make them peltast type troops or even Roman scutums to make them hastily recruited raw legionaries from the Greek east! I am hoping the blog will show some of these potential units in the future. I ended up basing these as loose order foot.

With these painted up I will be moving back on with the variety of Hellenistic cavalry and infantry that are prepped and ready to paint for Magnesia and beyond! However as I mentioned in my previous post I haven't had an opportunity to fight Zama with Lost Battles, so Magnesia is not looking likely. So the aim is to set up quick playing Neil Thomas inspired wargame with gridded movement.

Before moving to the next project I want to try painting up the flip side of the vinyl tiles as featured in some of these photos. I think the patterned side might be alright as is, pale sandy arid looking side and the sticky side has been backed with plain paper which I hope to pull off a lush green battlefield. There's 15 to do for our 5'x3' table, and I have plenty spare to make terrain features down the line.

1/72 Ancients

Thursday, 2 January 2020

Parthian Horse Archers

This blog has began to lag behind the work at the desk! However I am between paint jobs and I will get a couple of updates posted. First up are these Parthian Horse Archers from Newline Designs in 20mm. They will stand in as Skythians for my Seleucids and will one day be joined by some Parthian Cataphracts. 

The sculpts are top quality as ever from Newline with excellent faces and the tunic trims have details sculpted on too. This was very helpful during the "wash phase". I tried my best to introduce a bit of variety on the painting front and overall I am pleased with the result and that is another unit off the list!

It still seems like getting the time to set up a game of Lost Battles is a long shot. The units for Zama are done and Magnesia is not a long way off but the time to set up and play through a battle is a task that I will find great difficulty in doing currently. I do however wish to set up some kind of battle and one aim of 2020 is to do just that.

This has left me thinking along the lines of practical wargames rules such as Neil Thomas' One-Hour Wargames. The basic principals behind the book provide a great structure in which to build upon and provide a quicker battle! It will of course with various house rules and quirks bloat but I hope not too bog it down too much.

I am also thinking about terrain. I have quite a few vinyl floor tiles in a light sand colour which I hope will be ideal for dry or arid battlefields. The flip side has a sticky back I am currently adding craft paper to them with the view to paint them for more greener fields of battle. I could of course fight over the arid side whilst the lush side slowly gets a few coats of paint. If I see an opportunity to set up a quick battle I will have to take it! 

Next post will be Hellenistic Infantry.  

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