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Monday, 27 August 2018

Austrian Grenzers

EDIT: Since bases and now FOR SALE click here for details

Finally an update to the blog! Real life has been interfering in the hobby for both good and bad reasons, but little by little I have managed to do small bursts at the work bench. This time its a few of the new Newline Designs 20mm Grenzers from the Napoleonic Austrian range. As ever nicely detailed miniatures which lend themselves very well to my usual painting method of blocking, washing then highlighting.

There are a few codes, illustrated below, two advance poses, two firing poses and one loading pose. The command set is great and I love the NCO encouraging his men! Mixing the codes you can create a good looking irregular firing line. I am not an expert in Napoleonic era uniforms but these look close enough to what I have seen. I used a few plates from around the web and the Hat 1/72 Grenzer art work for reference. I still need to get a flag and base them but I will do that at a later date. 

I hope to press straight on with the ancients of which I have undercoated a good few units of light infantry and Punic citizens. The main focus on ancients is due to the realisation that I am fast running out of space for painted miniatures, so I am hoping to at least get the Macedonian and Punic war covered before that happens!