Thursday, 25 June 2020

Maccabean Command

Another new 20mm command set from Newline Designs painted up. This is their new Maccabean Command set, a very welcomed addition. I am pleased with this release I was only taking stock of my Maccabean Jewish figures and was thinking I need some commands, as well as what figures could be mixed in for a more rag tag "rebel" look with mix of more Hellenistic types.

Still need to post up the Persian slingers and I have the Kappadocian command set undercoated ready to start. Project Magnesia will restart after this nice little break from grinding through units.

Monday, 22 June 2020

Seleucid Command

I have finished and finally photographed the Persian slingers but I wanted to show a brand new set from Newline Designs.

This 20mm Seleucid command set is to compliment their trousered Seleucid pikemen. The officer looks very Greek or Macedonian without trousers so could be very useful for other Hellenistic units very easily. I love the hornist, great pose and very well sculpted. The standard bearer with the masked helm and cloak looks the part too. A great addition to an already comprehensive and still expanding range!

I will have to get a few more of these for my various Pantodapoi and Epigoni units as well as conversions.

I will post the slingers when I get a chance but other new sets may jump the queue again. I am currently painting the new Maccabean foot command and the rest are on the bench waiting to be completed. As a side note comments are being moderated now because of spam, surprised I lasted this long without needing to do so.