Tuesday, 4 December 2018

Last few Numidians

I forgot that I had these pics ready to post for some time now! Things on the hobby front have been sporadic. I have now and again had a few sessions at the desk working on some Roman penal legionaries using Newline velites. I have also been distracted by sorting through some plastic Napoleonics into units. 

I do intend to pursue Napoleonic gaming probably using Blucher, or at least its army building as a basis, to work on more Napoleonic units. However the idea of measuring and fiddling about with pivoting and such is quite off putting for me. I need to mull over grids or area based movement and combats which I have found has been great for solo ancient battles. If I can find or fudge some kind of system I can do as I have done with my ancients, that is focus on units towards fighting a scenario. 

Anyway these are the last few Newline Designs 20mm Numidians. I needed two more bases for my Zama project but I had 3 figures left so I thought I would scrape another base together. I had some spare Greek javlinmen so I pressed one into Numidian service and gave him one of the Numidian shields. The shields were also scraped together with a few bossed shields having to be used which I hope weren't meant to be for some other figures. They were a quick hitter, following their flesh spray under/basecoat there were few colours to block in before the wash. This can be a boost after making slow progress to do a simple 'quick' unit. I believe I just need a few elephants for Zama and the time to set it up and play the battle.

If like me you are an obsessive fan of 20mm or 1/72 scale and Newline Designs, or interested in seeing pictures and videos on what is sometimes a mysterious and elusive range (so many codes without images!) check out the Wee Painted Men blog. There is some fantastic work on there, amazing painting and some inspiring videos! 

1/72 Ancients