Sunday, 19 July 2020

Persian Slingers part 2

Finally got these 20mm Persian Slingers from Newline Designs photographed and uploaded here! 8 more done to go along with the original Persian Slingers (included in the picture below). These were a small step towards the Magnesia project before I started painting odd ancient figures. The current state of play for the Magnesia project is 2 cavalry units basecoat started and I have undercoated a few figures for a unit of foot, Armoured Thracians as Galations. In the mean time I am going to paint a few Kappadoccian cavalry command figures before cracking on with the main project.  

I have also received notification that the gaming mat has been dispatched! I have been trying to get one all year so I will be chuffed when it arrives and hope it will spur me onto having more games. 

Thursday, 16 July 2020

Hastati Standing

20mm Hastati this time, again nice sculpts from Newline Designs. Like the princepes I will probably get a few more and some command figures to make a couple of unit bases. 

I have been getting addicted to painting a few at a time from a variety of troops, which will make getting back onto units difficult! It will have to be done soon.

Saturday, 11 July 2020


Another few figures from Newline Designs 20mm Ancients range. This time its the newest set of Pricepes standing that have been available for some time. Very crisp sculpt and I will have to get a few more to upgrade them to a based unit, along with all the other odd sets I have done during the break from the Magnesia units.

In other news I have tracked down a Galeforce 9 doublesided wargames neoprene mat on ebay so I am hoping to receive that by early August. I also picked up a copy of "To Ur is Human" although to see how it goes with Hellenistic warfare. Like "To the Strongest", which I also need to have a good try with, is gridbased. Of course the gaming side of the hobby is difficult to get done currently so these are long term goals.

I have enjoyed taking a more leisurely approach painting fewer figures at a time. I have some Hastatii standing to paint up next but when I come back to unit sets I might break them down a few figures at a time.

Saturday, 4 July 2020

Kappadocian Command

Latest set from Newline Designs 20mm ancients, Kappadoccian command. I haven't yet painted any Kappadoccian units but they will be handy for a variety of armies that operated in Anatolia namely Seleucid and Mithridatic Kingdoms and Achaemenid Persians I am sure. 

I have no idea what colours they might have worn, I just picked a few colours I liked and kept the scheme simple by leaving out patters. Again a very welcome addition to the range!