Tuesday, 20 September 2022

FOR SALE: 20mm Napoleonic Austrians

I have decided to sell the following set of miniatures. In one respect I do not wish to part with them on the hand I will not use these miniatures and other projects take precedence, so if they can be sold to fund my future hobby purchases that would be a bonus. Currently I think I can only manage to dispatch within the UK, but I will look into further a field in the mean time. I'll use signed for postage and  payment via PayPal. Please don't hesitate to get in touch for more info:

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Austrian Infantry in Helmets, 20mm Newline Designs. 24 figures on 4, 40mm x 30mm bases

FOR SALE..............................................................£99 +P&P

Austrian Grenzers, 20mm Newline Designs. 15 figures on 5, 40mm x 35mm bases (4 bases were used for the photoshoot however there is another base of 3 firing/loading figures)

FOR SALE..............................................................£60 +P&P

Austrian Infantry in Helmets, 20mm Newline Designs. 24 figures on 4, 40mm x 40mm bases

FOR SALE..............................................................£99 +P&P

Austrian Landwehr, 20mm Newline Designs. 24 figures on 4, 40mm x 40mm bases

FOR SALE..............................................................£99 +P&P

Monday, 19 September 2022

Napoleonic Austrians, logistics and the Reality of Waging War in Miniature


Whilst searching though my boxes I came across some primed up Napoleonic Austrian "German" Infantry in 20mm from Newline Designs. I quite fancied a change of era so painted up another unit and based up the Grenzers. Then with the fleece mat and camera phone I wanted some better pictures for my Austrians as a whole. 

The older German Infantry have a more grubby look in compared to the newest finished unit, who look decidedly fresh and crisp. One veteran and one conscript unit I thought, being some of the choices for  the Austrians under Sam Mustafa's Blucher rules, that being the potential ruleset for the project. Also involved where some Styrian Landwehr, I always loved the look of this militia in their oberocks and floppy hats! It was great seeing the army so far. 

However there are still loads to get through for the Austrians and then there are their opponents to do! I am struggling to get regular battles set up for my main ancients project so what chance does my Napoleonics project (and the myriad of others) have? The logistics of the whole thing was quite overwhelming, it was time to accept reality. Aside from painting the odd unit I fancy, I realistically will not manage to use these miniatures in a wargame, so why keep them? 

I'm still thinking on this, I don't like parting with miniatures but they won't get used here so watch this space if you are inclined to procure painted miniatures.

Styrian Lanwehr

Veteran Infantry



Tuesday, 6 September 2022

Triarii Rebased

The Triarii are rebased finally, it was a straight up removal and remount for the most part. Both the Newline Designs 20mm Triarii units, standing and kneeling were broken down into average 12 man bases and veteran 6 man bases (see previous posts for further explanation). The average 12 man units were done very quickly but the veteran bases needed a few new figures, which took the form of extra command figures, including a standard bearer given a spear to make him a rank and filer. 

Lots of photos again, the batches were photographed at different times and was initially going to be 2 posts but again blogging has been sidelined unfortunately. When I get a chance I have Napoleonic Austrians, newly finished and a unit based up along with older units just photographed with the new camera and battle mat. Also the Heroquest quest needs a post too which will probably be the next one. Currently painting some scythed chariots (3) I kept putting them off as I'm not a massive fan of painting horses or vehicles, so far proving to be tricky! I think after I clear them I will look at rebasing the light infantry for the  Punic wars, they will need a few additional figures so I will prepare some along with Gauls which are next on the list for new units and rebasing.

Average Legionary Bases

Veteran Legionary Bases

Tuesday, 16 August 2022

Republican Romans Rebased again

The remnants of the Newline Designs 20mm Republican Roman Hastati and Principes. I gathered the painted figures and sorted them into what would be on each base as you will see this is based on the same pose filled out with command figures. 

The previous post showed the usual basing format of 12 figures arranged in 2 ranks on an 80mm frontage. For Lost Battles this represents average legionaries (ALE) in this system veteran units represent half as many men and usually half the frontage (40mm in my adopted basing scheme) except for veteran legionaries (VLE) who with half as many men as an average unit still occupy the same 80mm frontage (they offset this with a triple movement ability). In this way I have simply spread out 6 figures across the 80mm base, the more confident legionaries not needing to huddle together as much. Also its easy enough to place 2 veteran legionary bases to form a average one if necessary or for another gaming system:  

Work has begun on the Triarii which will have a mix of average and veteran bases and the Heroquest mission is completed which will get a post at some point. I'm currently a bit all over with my projects wanting to really get cracking through the ancients rebasing, which all need a few extra figures to square the numbers, I came across some primed Napoleonic Austrians which I have started to paint up although I feel adrift when it comes to my Napoleonic project! The overall plan is to continue with rebasing, Triarii is well underway needing only a few command figures, following with various contingents for the Punic wars.   

Romans Advancing with Pila:

Romans Standing: