Thursday, 30 November 2017

Wurttemberg Musketeers

Not quite the finished article, these 1/72 Hät Napoleonic Wurttemberg infantry still need based and a flag. I have stuck them onto a temporary cardboard base to see what they looked like.

Initially I started basing my Napoleonic troops on 60mm squares but I wasn't happy with end result both in dimentions and basing materials. I think I like the size and flexibility of the 40mm squares but need to workout what scatter materials look right. 

I need also to track down a 1/72 flag for the standard bearer. I made the standard bearer from the open handed figure from Hät's Bavarian infantry set. He needed a head swap and the front of the jacket was flat and lacked detail allowing for a bit of creative painting, adding in straps and facings in an attempt to blend him into the ranks.

I struggled with highlighting the black helmets I need to practice more and find the right colours. Apart from that I am pleased with the result so far.

I took the pictures using my new phone which is convenient since I don't need to set up lights. I can get clear and decent photos however the tradeoff is I am depending on the flash which can be harsh. My computer is again out of action so I am posting from my phone which is fiddly but I have been able to it all on one device.

It was also nice to have a bit of a change from ancients and I may continue with the horse and musket period. I may continue with some 20mm 1/72 Napoleonics or maybe start painting some 6mm AWI.

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