Monday, 13 September 2021

Heavy Cavalry Rebasing format

The intention was to follow closely the last post with this. However with the new house, work and childcare working in combined arms the blog remained low on the list. Any hobby time has been focused on the painting and modelling side of things. So the Seleucid companions are done awaiting photographs and there has been some rebasing progress with cavalry. Below is a brief summery of the cavalry rebase format.   

I always liked the appearance of the 2x2 formation of my old 60x40mm bases so wanted to keep that 6x2 rider formation if nothing else for display purposes only! However with the quirks of Lost Battles cavalry have an attack "width" of 2 units, which for the purposes of my idiosyncratic collecting would be 160mm. However I settled for 120mm which keeps the figure ratios "correct" and still being wider than infantry bases serves as a visual reminder. To further complicate matters I hope to also use them for To the Strongest! with all units being the same width, furthermore veteran heavy cavalry, ideally 3 riders, can be represented by either the 40mm or 80mm bases. Now thoroughly confused it's best to have some pictures with a brief explanation: 

Component bases 2 x 40mm and 2 x 80mm bases, veteran heavy cavalry.

The original 6x2 formation and "levy heavy cavalry" for Lost Battles

2 x "Average Heavy Cavalry" for Lost Battles 

3 x 80mm units, Impetus, TtS! homebrew rules?

It probably would have made sense to do them all on 40mm square bases but that would have been too simple! I prefer the larger bases but I like the 2 nifty bases that combined make a third 80mm base. If this post makes little sense to you that is probably a good thing, if it does you have my sympathy! 


  1. This basing arrangement provides much variation. While I game Impetvs and TtS! in 28mm, for me, both rules use the same basing frontage of 120mm.

    1. Yes I'm hoping to try TtS! again properly and have been working on some home brew rules both would be using 9cm grid on my 150cm x 90cm table for my 8cm standard for units. Ill have to do something similar with infantry with veterans using 40mm front (so I'll paint enough to make 80mm units for other games.