Wednesday 10 April 2024

Two Iberian Scutarii Units


Four more bases of Newline Designs 20mm Scutarii finished, they had been sat undercoated and basecoated in Army painter Barbarian Flesh since last June. When I rebased the rest of the Scutarii I realised that I was now a few bases short of a Lost Battles Ilipa re-fight so I prepped enough for 4 bases worth. As they are unarmoured I used Barbarian Flesh spray as it undercoats and basecoats the figures in one go. Then it was just a case of blocking the rest of the colours, brown wash then highlighting. I opted for a more uniform colour scheme for a change and for ease of painting. 

I haven't shown the full variation of the codes by choosing a single pose and single variation for each unit. The red shields set came with 2 head variants and I have left out the bowl type helmet, they may appear in future units. The blue shields I think are from the Cetratii code which features quite a few variants and along with the Scutarii codes you can get a great amount of variety. Simply by swapping shields they can all represent Scutarii or Caetratii.

I did try to bring a bit of variety through the shield designs and the placement of the shields on the figures. The blue shield designs were painted on with contrast paint. Now these are done I'm back to the prep stage and quite a few things are currently being de flashed. Firstly the Greek archers, along with the rebasing  these are the last unit needed for Lost Battles Magnesia scenario. Lots of light infantry also on the bench, a couple for full bases but mainly to make individually based skirmisher markers for Strength & Honour. If I'm still up for more prep I have a few bags of African veterans that I'm looking to convert into Thorakitai or Imitation legionaries.

Its very slow going so it may be quite quiet for some time painting wise. However I will hopefully get some games done in the mean time. I'm also back on thinking about an ancients campaign for the Second Punic War but I can't  seem to get far or make decisions with regards to the mechanisms for the game. Currently I'm aiming somewhere between Phil Sabin's Empire's broad brush approach and Little Wars TV Age of Hannibal's campaign system. There's much to mull over!     


  1. Your Newline Scutarii sure look good. For a campaign, I would find a hex and counter or area movement board game and use that to guide a campaign.

    1. Thanks Jonathan! Hex map is a good shout I'm looking at all options.