Sunday, 20 June 2021

Downloadable Counters and board for Lost Battles

For a PDF of some custom click: Lost Battles Counters - So far Hannibal and Scipio battles are covered and extra units included which should allow other battles. A fresh side and a spent side, I have printed some onto some card then have glued them to a bit of "grey board" and are a bit rough and ready but do the job. The board was just printed onto card cut out and sellotaped together to keep them still. There should be a way to make the terrain tiles for Cannae and other battles.

Using unit art graphics from Civilization 2 modders "Fairline" and "Tanelorn" I believe, credit for the beautiful icons go to them. They were cut and pasted onto a printable game mat sample from Wargames Print which made the background and board tiles. Below are a few example of the counters, the files when printed have VHI at 15mm, AHI at 30mm and ALI at 60mm.

I enjoyed making them they provided a nice distraction and I will post a few poor pictures of Zama using these pieces soon.


  1. These look fantastic Tony. You are rightly pleased with them. I'll be interested to read/see the report.
    I have now read the introduction to Lost Battles and already know that I am going to enjoy reading the book proper. I’ll be interested to see whether he suffers from a circularity of developing and testing a model with the same data, or whether he kept some battles out to use for testing (don't spoil it for me!). Either way, I strongly suspect that I’ll be keen to give it a go (albeit a bit down the track with my current schedule of figures/periods that I am 'working' on) and will find them really useful and interesting for strategic and grand tactical aspects. I may well want to add in something to given more detail at the tactical level, but we’ll see. I am always happy to 'mess' with rules and am pleased that Philip Sabin encourages this in his intro.
    Regards, James
    Regards, James

  2. Cheers James all I can claim credit on is copy and paste virtually and as you will eventually see in reality with the card and pva :-D

    I won't spoil it but I will say that there are more scenarios on the Lost Battles IO group that replaced the Yahoo version.

    The society of Ancients still sell "Strategos II" the previous version of Lost Battles and those scenarios missing from the Lost Battle book were dropped because of (even more) scant evidence. I'm sure they are available in the files section.

    Yes I know what you mean with the detail of the tactical interaction, very abstract and one of the reasons I am writing some homebrew rules, which will certainly fall more into game and simulation but I am satisfied with Lost Battles in that regard.

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    1. Cheers Aaron, I have a Zama using counters to write up but hoping the next battle will be with miniatures!