Sunday, 17 October 2021

Punic War Cavalry

Rebasing continues on the 20mm Newline Designs cavalry, this time Carthaginian and Italian heavy horse units. It was a straight up swap with no tinkering with the miniatures. The big push with the rest of the Newline cavalry continues  and nears completion. Next up are some Parthians, photographed and await a post to be written.  



  1. Tony, you continue making great progress on your rebasing project. The cavalry units look fab.

    1. Thanks Jonathan, the current batch have been done en mass about 38 bases worth.

  2. Wonderful looking units and the new bases look very effective.

  3. Wonderful painting and I love the basing.

  4. Beautiful work, Tony. The cavalry are looking excellent on their new bases. I’m still very tempted to follow your format with the 80mm widths once I get round to starting on some ancients. I’m sure you’ll be glad when it’s all done! All the best, Kevin.