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Tuesday, 20 June 2023

Hannibal's Libyan Veterans

I wasn't sure how to proceed with the rebase of these 20mm Newline Designs African veterans, they were one of the first units I did and when I started out I did 16 man units. I considered boosting each unit upto 24, then considered mixing the shield types to avoid painting extra figures. In the end I just added 2 command figures per shield design boosting each unit to 18, which worked out as I was basing these on 40mm squares on account of them being Veteran Heavy Infantry (VHI) for Lost Battles. VHI have in game terms have an attack limit of 0.5, so 2 units of veterans can attack where only 1 unit of average infantry could do so.

The figures themselves had only their spears upgraded. I added spearpoints to each spear by squishing and clipping to shape along with the repaint. I attempted to reshape one of the commanders but his sword snapped off so I replaced it with a spear.

A further rebase off the list, I have some others done and waiting to be uploaded, mainly Iberians and Eastern Archers (unless Google kills it along with Album Archive being deleted?) Currently working on updating my phalanx units which will be a big task of 3 x 48 man units! Once they are cracked I'll only have Greek archers to rebase.