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Sunday, 3 April 2022

Painting Tallarn Desert Raiders

The list of paints used for my desert raiders, written down for future reference, VJ = Vallejo GW = Games Workshop.


VJ Green Ochre - tunic 

GW Tallarn flesh - flesh

VJ Camouflage Olive Green - trousers

VJ Flat Earth - boots and puttees

VJ USA Uniform - weapons

VJ Flat Brown - Pauldrons equipment

GW Deneb Stone - Shemagh

VJ Offwhite - Headress, plasma glow

VJ Turquoise - Knife handle

VJ Sky Blue - Headress edging

VJ Gunmetal Grey - gunmetal

VJ Bronze - Knife hilt scabard


Brown wash - Equipment, trousers and footware eyes/face

Thinned Blue - Headress

Thinned Black - Equipment, Lasgun

Sepia - Tunic, lasgun casing

Flesh - arms, possibly face


Tau sept Ochre - Tunic

VJ Tan Yellow - 2nd Tunic

VJ Cam Olive Green - Trousers

VJ Russian Uniform - 2nd Trousers

VJ Flat Earth - Boots & Puttees

VJ Biege Brown - 2nd Puttees

VJ Thinned USA Uniform - Weapon casing

VJ Thinned USA Uniform + VJ Dark Yellow 50/50 - 2nd Weapons casing

VJ Green Blue - Knife handle

VJ Flat Brown - Pauldrons, straps & Equipment

VJ Mahogany Sand - 2nd Pauldrons, straps & Equipment

VJ Bronze - Knife hilt, scabbard

VJ Old Gold - 2nd Knife hilt scabbard

GW Tallarn Flesh - Flesh

GW Thinned Elf Flesh - face

VJ Off White - Shemagh


VJ Turquoise - raised parts of ribs

Mix of sky blue and white watered down - this also is used to highlight the area around the ribbed area on the plasma gun and area the light hits from the guns glow.

Watered down white - inbetween ribs

Note: posted late as it seems to have slipped through the net. This suggests I had yet to add some comments, long forgotten!


  1. Real nice painted figures! And thank you for the painting guide!


  2. Thanks Peter, my intention was to do this for all my projects however time and energy don't always work out. It's handy refer back to when I resume it way down the line!

  3. Hang on; they are not ancients...
    Look tops though!
    Regards, James

  4. Haha well they're ancient in that these figures and their citadel comrades that got me into the painting side of the hobby!