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Tuesday, 25 October 2022

Scythed Chariots and A Great King

I am pleased to have completed these 20mm Newline Designs Scythed Chariots, this is a nice advancement to the Lost Battle Magnesia project which has taken a back seat of late to rebasing older miniatures. I had two chariots and the Darius personality code, which is basically the same set but with an additional Darius sculpt pictured separately below. 

So the first decision was to not glue in Darius giving me another generic scythed chariot for battles. Then I took this one step further with the riders going down the same route, the idea being I can paint some Carthaginian riders and have makeshift Punic chariots, which as I understand were not scythed but were four horsed. The trouble is I kept forgetting they weren't secured and the riders kept dropping out with rough handling!

The horses were for the most part painted with contrast paint and once finished were glued to the base which was then filled and painted ready for the vehicle. The vehicles were kept simple basecoats and drybrushes with minimal detailing then haphazardly attached to the horses and bases.

Currently there is a large chunk of rebasing occurring! Roman Velites and other light infantry from the Carthaginian side along with Gallic warbands. Some straight swaps and some new figures required which are underway. The Velites are the last of the Roman rebases and I think after the Gauls, the Iberians are the last of the Punic contingents (so I will have to revisit the Punic wars soon with Lost Battles and Strength & Honour). There are a few other bits that require rebasing, such as Iranian light infantry who will support Antiochus III at Magnisia, as well as his phalangites which require a bit of thought and a lot of work to update.

Finally I have also recently taken the plunge and jumped on the 28mm plastic multipart historics bandwagon! A Dark age deal was spotted on Victrix and so I grabbed some Normans after being inspired by kit-bashing videos on Youtube. The idea is that converted historicals will man the companies of Middle-earth, which companies I am not sure yet, but I need some more kits to mesh with them still, I'm anticipating the Late Roman sets will be ideal for this too.     

1/72 ancients


  1. Nice paintwork with wicked looking scythes.

    1. Thanks Jonathan! There was a few more scythes or spears to stick on but I was struggling with them so ended up leaving them off for now.

  2. These look excellent Tony. Darius looks pretty relaxed... at the moment, hahaha!!

    1. Haha he's being complacent, Alexander is painted already however his army is not! Cheers James!