Wednesday 28 December 2022

African Javelinmen Rebased

A few more bases swapped this time North African Javelinmen from Libya and Numidia all from Newline Designs 20mm ancients range. The Numidians were simple going from 9 x 4 figure bases to 6 x 6 figure bases which still should be enough for what I need. 

The Libyans needed 4 new figures ordered, prepared and painted to make up the 2 bases. I thought I may as well get a unit pack of them as well, a future unit will hopefully involve these casts with a head swap to a one sporting a suitable helmet and possibly an oblong shield. I'm not sure if I'll do them as javelinmen or spearmen yet, but I'll have ages to think on it with the backlog here!

Currently slowly working on Celts/Gauls both older figures being rebased and newer ones, rounding up base  numbers and forming new ones. There are a lot on the go and trying to introduce as much variety as possible is making slow going. This time of year is also not helping matters but bit by bit they are getting there!